Tricia Griffith – Fine Art


Mizuko - Tricia GriffithI am currently using Windsor & Newton™ Cotman Water Colours for my watercolor paintings. I use a wide variety of brushes, though for most of these paintings I used a round white synthetic brush.

I like to keep my watercolor works fairly simple, usually a just a few colors and uncomplicated designs. I also work small so that I don’t feel like I need a gallon of paint to create one painting. The subjects I choose to paint are most often organic, things that I see that appeal to me; a leaf, the silhouette of trees against a striking sky. I find working with watercolors very soothing and try to infuse my work with that serene, peaceful feeling.

Many of these are created in layers of paint, combined with Windsor & Newton™ Water Colour Colorless Art Masking Fluid. This works a bit like rubber cement. It is applied with a brush you don’t care about anymore (it’s hard to wash out!), a thin brush handle tip or even a palette knife or toothpick for very thin lines. It does pull up the color if you apply it over paint, so I have found you have to judge your color layers accordingly.

These are a few samples of my watercolor works. You can find a large selection of prints in my Etsy Shop, where I sell archival quality prints created in studio on an Epson Artisan printer. Many of the originals are still available for sale as well, feel free to contact me if you’re interested in purchasing an original.

Flight - Tricia Griffith Falling - Tricia Griffith
Tree at Dusk - Tricia Griffith Verdant - Tricia Griffith
Nautilus - Tricia Griffith Sprouts - Tricia Griffith

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