Tricia Griffith – Fine Art

Egg Tempera

Cougar - Tricia GriffithI was inspired to try Egg Tempera paints after seeing the incredible works created by an artist I met many years ago. While I have yet to create anything I feel holds a candle to his work, I find egg tempera to be an interesting medium and have been pretty happy with the results so far.

Egg Tempera is the oldest medium in existence, next to encaustic. I am currently using The Earth Pigments Company  natural pigments. These are transferred in small amounts onto a palette or mixing cup, and mixed with a tiny amount of water to make a paste, then egg yolk is added as a binder. A drop of clove oil is added as a preservative, which I think makes the paintings smell nice! I then add water to the pigment mixture as desired for washes and paint layers.

I find the pigments I have chosen to be suited to very natural subjects like the critters you see here. They are all very much earth tones. I am looking at some more brightly colored pigments as a potential medium for future paintings. I’ve only created a few paintings so far, but watch for more to come.

You can find a large selection of prints in my Etsy Shop, where I sell archival quality prints created in studio on an Epson Artisan printer. Many of the originals are still available for sale as well, feel free to contact me if you’re interested in purchasing an original.

Reflective Kitty - Tricia Griffith Great Blue Heron - Tricia Griffith Red Fox - Tricia Griffith

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