Tricia Griffith – Fine Art


Reflection - Tricia GriffithI am currently using Liquitex™ BASICS Acrylic Color for my Acrylic Paints. It is affordable and has a smooth, creamy texture I really like. I think this makes doing heavy textures with it a bit tricky, but its great for blending.

Most of my straight up acrylic paintings are abstract, nature inspired works. The subject matter varies, but tends to be a bit more specific and emotive than the watercolor paintings. I like to pick words, thoughts, emotions and turn them into paintings.

Since I have begun creating three dimensional art with cardboard and acrylic paint, it has been a while since I painted a more traditional acrylic painting.

Credit must be given to a talented photographer friend who gave me permission to use his beautiful flower photography as reference for most of the flower paintings I’ve created. You can see his amazing work and some of the original photos on his “Garden Centre” Flickr set.

Below are a few examples of my acrylic works. You can find a large selection of prints in my Etsy Shop, where I sell archival quality prints created in studio on an Epson Artisan printer. Many of the originals are still available for sale as well, feel free to contact me if you’re interested in purchasing an original.

White Tulip - Tricia Griffith Impressionist Sunset - Tricia Griffith Daffodils - Tricia Griffith
Fall Foliage - Tricia Griffith Wrap Up My Heart - Tricia Griffith Peace - Tricia Griffith

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