Tricia Griffith – Fine Art

About My Art

Impressionist Water LilyI have been drawing since I was five years old and spent my childhood coloring on the margins of my books. In school my notebooks were filled with more doodles than notes, and art was my favorite class. I credit my High School Art & Theatre Teachers for giving me confidence and encouraging me to explore my creativity.

I graduated in 1991 from Community College with an AAS in Advertising/Commercial Art, and promptly went into the Veterinary Field. I continued to create, however and over the last several years have amassed a large collection of Wildlife, Fantasy & Visionary Art, as well as pet portraits.

For a long time I worked primarily in colored pencil and pencil, but in 2007, I made a New Year’s Resolution to start painting again. I started with watercolor and aquarelle and created a few pieces of Nature, Fantasy and Spiritual Work. Other mediums include acrylics and egg tempera, each medium inspiring its own unique style of art.

GoldenCurrently I work mostly with watercolors, I like to work on a smaller scale and most of my watercolors are only about 9 x 6 inches. My paintings come from whatever happens to inspire me, often from my spiritual background, images that pop into my head and pester me until I paint them. At other times a passing image or something I see in nature inspires my art.

It is hard to give my work any specific genre. I’m inspired by the impressionists, Georgia O’Keeffe and many of the artists and photographers I am fortunate to call my friends. I like my art to be organic, spiritual, and evoke feelings of peace, passion and spirit.

Art is a spiritual, creative, and healing journey for me, and I hope that my work brings a bit of that experience to its viewers.


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